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  + I, , as contracting representative of ________, authorize Stephen F. Austin State University to bill for tuition and fees for the student(s) listed below. .
Student Account Information
Student's SFA ID Number Student's Name Term Year Max amt. to be paid (N/A) if no limit Will contracting company/agency pay for General Deposit* for New Students? Will contracting company/agency be the Payor of Last Result?**

*General Deposit - One-time deposit of $100.00 to cover any amounts owed by the student to the institution. Deposit is refundable, to the student, upon withdrawal or graduation from SFA or upon request if the student is no longer enrolled at SFA.

**Payor of Last Resort - Example: Grants and/or scholarships are first applied to the student´┐Żs account followed by the contracting company/agency paying the remaining balance. - office: (936) 468-6960 - fax: (936) 468-7213

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