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SFASU File Server/Domain Account Request

Please fill in all of the information requested, click the "Submit" button, and print the resulting web page.
It will need to be signed by both the supervisor and the person for which this account is requested.
You may scan the signed form and email itto IT Access Request (details on printed page).

To follow up on a request already submitted, e-mail Contact the Help Desk.

Supervisor's/Manager's Information

Supervisor's/Manager's Name (last name, first name): Supervisor's/Manager's SFA E-mail Address:
Work Phone:
Department: SFA Property Tag # for User's PC:

User's Information

Full Name (last name, first name): SFA E-mail Address (if known):
mySFA User Name: Campus ID: Work Phone:
Building: Room Number:

Please enter any other information that may be pertinent to this user.
For Example:
This person will need access to \\sfasu\sfafiles\SFA101
or This person will need access to SFA101 Common Drive.

Please indicate if the user needs a Z drive.

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