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SFASU Generic Email Account Request

This form is for creating a new Generic Email Account or a new Distribution list, or making changes to an already existing account or list.

  • Distribution Group Easy to send mail to several users at once. Allows users to collaborate. Can control who can send to the list inside/outside SFASU. Students cannot be added to these lists.
  • Generic Email Account This is a shared mailbox. These are a great way to handle customer service communication, as all users will share responsibility of the mailbox.
  • To modify or add to an existing Generic Email Account or Distribution list, please re-submit this form with the changes needed noted in the description box below.

( If unsure, email: )

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Information of the Person Responsible for This Account

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Will this account be used by students?

Will this be a Distrution List or Generic Email account? (See start of page for details)
Distribution ListGeneric Email Account

Please provide a quick description of the intended use of the email account. You can also add additional users that will need access here: