Texas Library Resource Sharing Program

The Texshare Library Card Program provides free reciprocal borrowing privileges to faculty, students, and staff of Texas colleges and universities at participating libraries. This statewide program is administered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Academic, public and private libraries throughout the state are participants in the TexShare Library Card Program.

Obtaining a TexShare Card
Student TexShare Cards are valid for one semester, expiring on the first day of the following semester. Faculty and staff cards will expire at the end of the academic year, in August. To apply or re-apply for a TexShare Card, please provide the following information. For questions concerning the TexShare Card, e-mail the circulation desk here: circdesk@sfasu.edu

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The TexShare Card entitles you only to privileges authorized by the lending library and is not transferable. To be eligible for the TexShare Card, you must be SFASU faculty or staff or a currently enrolled SFASU student. Be mindful of the lending regulations of the TexShare participating libraries.

  • Identification must be provided if requested by the participating library.
  • Lending regulations of the lending library must be observed.
  • Materials must be returned in person, at participating libraries through the TExpress courier service, or by first class and insured mail as prescribed by the lending library.
  • Charges assessed for late return, damage, or loss of materials must be paid to the lending library.
  • The TexShare Card must be surrendered if requested by participating library staff.

Failure to adhere to the above lending requirements may result in the loss of borrowing privileges at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Thank you.

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