Purpose: To connect students to our highly-engaged faculty and staff, and expose them to progressive issues in diversity, multicultural education, and social justice. To make the SFA community more aware of the extraordinary scholarship and advocacy SFA faculty and staff have to offer and help facilitate relationship-building across the SFA campus.

Information: The Office of Multicultural Affairs will reserve a room within the BPSC and provided light refreshments. Speakers will be given an hour to educate, exchange ideas with, and engage their audience in a constructive dialogue concerning the topic at hand. Through interactive engagement, the audience is expected to contribute equally to the topic .The speaker should serve more as a facilitator who is an expert on the topic or has valuable insight.

Monthly Consciousness Speaker Series

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In less than 150 words, please describe how your topic falls
under diversity, multicultural education, or social justice;
mention why is it important for the SFA community to learn more
about this topic; and how do you plan to engage the audience.


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