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Please choose a first, second and third choice for your residence hall assignment. Assignments are first come, first served and are assigned at the discretion of the Office of Student Affairs Programs. There are limited spots at each hall. We ask that you be flexible and willing to work anywhere to help our students out! If you are unfamiliar with the location of any of these halls, please take a look at the campus map.

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Please read the following statement carefully:

I understand that participating in the move-in volunteers program is a privilege, not a right. Our first priority is to help these students and their families move in to the halls, and we will engage our members in these activities.

My organization WILL NOT post fliers or handbills in the residence halls without permission from residence hall staff. My organization WILL NOT put ANYTHING under residence hall room doors. If my organization is found to be in violation of these requests, we will be asked to leave immediately and our space will be revoked for the residence hall move-in program. I understand that it is my responsibility to educate my members on these policies and the entire organization is responsible for the actions of a sole member at this event. We will not bring alcohol to this event, and we will not invite underage students to participate in any inappropriate activities. We understand that violation of these requests may result in a report to the Student Organizations and Greek Life office, the Student Rights and Responsibilities office, and/or UPD, whichever is appropriate.

Members of my organization agree to act in accordance with SFA policy and will be good representatives of our university to the new students and their families. We will respond quickly to the requests of any University staff member.


You will be notified of your organization's location assignment via email on August 1. If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Bouldin at

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